11B-27.0021. High School Graduation or Equivalent  

Effective on Wednesday, March 13, 2013
  • 1(1) A high school graduate shall be an individual who has completed a secondary education program through a public school, private school, an equivalency diploma program, or home education program through an educational provider recognized by a public educational system within the United States or its territories, or received a foreign high school diploma.

    55(2) Compliance with this rule section shall be documented by the employing agency and made available to Commission staff for review. Criteria for proof of compliance and authenticity of the diploma includes:

    87(a) A high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma issued by a public school education program; or

    105(b) A diploma iss109ued by a private school.

    114(c) A letter on the letterhead from a School Board District Office or high school principal verifying completion of a high school program and issuance of a high school diploma.

    144(d) For individuals who have completed a home school program, documentation that the education program has met the requirements of Section 1651002.41, F.S., 167or of the Department of Education from the state where the home school program was completed.

    183(e) Proof that the diploma has been accepted by an accredited college or university, as defined in Section 201943.22(1), F.S., 203for entrance into a degree seeking program.

    210(f) For individuals who have completed an education program in a foreign jurisdiction, documentation that the diploma or official school transcript, indicating the date of graduation or completion, is equivalent to the requirements for a U.S. High School Diploma or equivalency diploma. Documents shall be transcribed by a certified translator and notarized as true and correct.

    266(3) In the absence of proof of successful high school graduation, the following shall be acceptable as meeting the minimum educational requirements:

    288(a) Transcript verification of successful completion of one of the following educational requirements from an institution accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education or licensed as a degree granting institution by the Commission for Independent Education, pursuant to Section 3331005.02(7), F.S., 335shall be acceptable as meeting the educational requirements of this rule section:

    3471. At least 30 semester hours; or

    3542. 45 quarter hours of college work; or

    3623. An associate or higher degree.

    368(b) A certificate issued by the United States Armed Forces Institute (U.S.A.F.I.) prior to December 31, 1974, showing successful completion of high school equivalency.

    392Rulemaking Authority 394943.03(4), 395943.12(1) FS. 397Law Implemented 399943.13(3) FS. 401History–New 10-6-82, Amended 1-7-85, Formerly 11B-27.021, Amended 7-7-99, 7-29-01, 11-4115-02, 11-30-04, 3-21-07, 6-9-08, 3-13-13.


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