11B-35.0011. Basic Abilities Test Requirements for Applicant Admission into a Law Enforcement and Correctional Basic Recruit Training Program  

Effective on Wednesday, August 15, 2018
  • 1(1) Basic Abilities Test. 5To comply with section 9943.17(1)(g), F.S., 11applicants who apply for entry into a Commission-approved Basic Recruit Training Program after January 1, 2002, shall obtain a passing score on a Commission-approved Basic Abilities Test (BAT) for the law enforcement or correctional disciplines, prior to entering a program. The BAT shall be administered in the state of Florida.

    61(a) The applicant shall not take a specific provider’s BAT more than three total times in each discipline during any twelve-month period. Any subsequent results on the provider’s test in each discipline within this period will be invalid.

    99(b) BAT providers shall restrict access to the BAT to those applicants who produce valid photo identification. Providers shall validate the name, date of birth, gender, and social security number of each applicant to ensure that the information given by the applicant is consistent with the applicant’s driver license and social security record.

    152(c) The applicant shall not engage in conduct that subverts or attempts to subvert the BAT process. Conduct that subverts or attempts to subvert the BAT process includes:

    1801. Removing BAT materials from the examination room.

    1882. Reproducing or reconstructing any portion of the BAT.

    1973. Aiding by any means in the reproduction of any portion of the BAT.

    2114. Selling, distributing, buying, receiving, or having unauthorized possession of any portion of a past, current, or future BAT.

    2305. Revealing test questions or other information that would compromise the integrity of the BAT.

    2456. Possession of altered BAT official documents including student performance reports.

    256(d) The applicant shall not violate the standards of the BAT test administration. Violations of test administration include:

    2741. Communication with any other applicant during the administration of the BAT.

    2862. Copying answers from another applicant or intentionally allowing one’s answers to be copied by another applicant during the administration of the BAT.

    3093. Having in one’s possession during the administration of the BAT, any books, notes, written, or printed materials or data of any kind.

    3324. Failing to comply with the BAT administrator’s instructions.

    341(e) The applicant shall not violate the applicant identification process. Conduct that violates the applicant identification process is as follows:

    3611. Falsifying or misrepresenting information required for admission to the BAT.

    3722. Impersonating an applicant.

    3763. Having an impersonator take the BAT on one’s behalf.

    3864. Disrupting the test administration.

    391(f) Any violation of the provisions of this rule section shall be documented in writing and submitted to Commission staff within seven days to the 416Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice Professionalism Program, Post Office Box 1489, Tallahassee, Florida 32302432.

    433(g) When the Commission finds that an applicant has committed an act that violates paragraphs (1)(c)-(e) of this rule section, the Commission shall impose one or more of the following sanctions:

    4641. Declare the applicant has failed the BAT;

    4722. Require the applicant to forfeit the application fee;

    4813. Declare the applicant ineligible to apply to take the BAT in any discipline for a period of five years;

    5014. Deny certification by the Commission pursuant to rule 51011B-27.007, 511F.A.C.;

    5125. Take action against any currently held Commission certification pursuant to rule 52411B-27.0011, 525and subsection 52711B-27.005(5), 528F.A.C.

    529(h) A passing score on a Commission-approved Basic Abilities Test is valid four years from the date of the test.

    549(2) Requests for accommodations pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act shall be governed by subsection 56511B-30.0071(4), 566F.A.C. Determinations as to eligibility for accommodations shall be made by the individual BAT providers on a case-by-case basis.

    585Rulemaking Authority 587943.03(4), 588943.12(1), 589(2) FS. Law Implemented 593943.17 FS. 595History–New 7-29-01, Amended 11-5-02, 11-30-04, 3-21-07, 6-9-08, 5-21-12, 3-13-13, 5-29-14, 9-4-16, 8-15-18.


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