11N-1.0022. Criteria for Drug Control Investigative Assistance and Emergency Funding  

Effective on Tuesday, July 9, 2019
  • 1(1) Eligibility and compliance. Applicants shall meet and comply with eligibility, application, limitations, instructions, and requirements as set forth in the grant guidelines as approved by the Council for this program and published on the Council website at 39http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/VCDCC/VCDCC-Home.aspx40.

    41(2) Purpose for drug control investigative funding. Provide financial assistance to local and state law enforcement agencies involved in complex and lengthy drug control investigations. 66In determining whether requests for drug control funding relate to multi-agency or statewide drug control or illicit money laundering investigative or task force efforts that:

    91(a) Significantly contribute to achieving the state’s goal of reducing drug-related crime as articulated by the Office of Drug Control;

    111(b) Represent a significant illicit money laundering investigative effort; or

    121(c) Otherwise significantly support statewide strategies developed by the Statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council, and adhering to the criteria approved by the Council in the grant program solicitation.

    149Rulemaking Authority 151943.03(4), 152943.042 FS. 154Law Implemented 156943.031, 157943.042 FS. 159History–New 10-25-01, Amended 11-5-02, 12-3-03, 3-27-06, 7-9-19.