12-13.009. Closing Agreements  

Effective on Monday, January 11, 2016
  • 1(1) A written closing agreement is necessary to settle or compromise tax, interest, or penalty when a tax matter relates to an assessment where the amount compromised is in excess of $30,000 or to a matter in an informal protest in Technical Assistance and Dispute Resolution. Settlement or compromise of tax matters in litigation must be pursuant to a written settlement agreement, court order, or similar written document reflecting the agreement reached between the taxpayer and the Department. In all other cases of compromise or settlement, the signature and name of the person exercising the Department’s authority, the reason for the compromise or settlement, and the date the action was taken is required to be placed on the taxpayer’s written request or documented in the Department’s records of the compromise or settlement.

    134(2) When a written closing agreement is necessary, the Department will prepare a Closing Agreement and forward it to the taxpayer. The taxpayer must sign the agreement and return it to the Department.

    167(a) In the case of a corporate taxpayer, an officer of the corporation shall sign the agreement, and the corporate seal shall be affixed and attested by the secretary of the corporation.

    199(b) An authorized person qualified as a representative under rule 20912-6.005, 210F.A.C., who has duly filed a Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative (form DR-835, incorporated by reference in rule 23012-6.0015, 231F.A.C.), which is signed and sworn to by the taxpayer being represented, is authorized to sign the agreement for the taxpayer which shall bind the taxpayer to the terms of the agreement.

    263(3) A closing agreement signed by the taxpayer and the Department settles the taxpayer’s liability for tax, interest, or penalty for the tax period specified in the agreement absent any specific provision to the contrary contained in such closing agreement. The closing agreement is binding upon the taxpayer and the Department unless there is a showing of fraud or misrepresentation of material fact, or unless the Department is required to make an adjustment of the taxpayer’s liability under section 342220.23 343or 344198.16, F.S. 346The taxpayer is not entitled to protest or institute judicial or administrative procedures to recover any tax, interest, or penalty paid pursuant to a closing agreement absent any specific provision to the contrary contained in such closing agreement.

    384(4) An offer for compromise or settlement which is not accepted, but is reflected in a proposed closing agreement shall not be deemed an admission by the Department or the taxpayer and will not prejudice either party’s position in litigation or in an administrative proceeding.

    429Rulemaking 430Authority 431212.07(9)(c), 432213.06(1), 433213.21(5), 434(9) FS. Law Implemented 438212.07(9), 439212.12(14), 440213.05, 441213.21, 442213.24(3), 443215.34(2) 444FS445. History–New 5-23-89, Amended 8-10-92, 5-18-94, 10-24-96, 10-2-01, 4-26-10, 10-29-13, 1-11-16.


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