12D-7.019. Tangible Personal Property Exemption  

Effective on Thursday, November 1, 2012
  • 1(1) The filing of a complete Form DR-405, or Form DR-470A (incorporated by reference in Rule 1712D-16.002, 18F.A.C.) shall be considered the application for exemption.

    26(2) Taxpayers who fail to file complete returns by April 1 or within any applicable extension period, shall not receive the $25,000 exemption. However, at the option of the property appraiser, owners of property previously assessed without a return being filed may qualify for the exemption without filing an initial return. Nothing in this rule shall preclude a property appraiser from requiring that Form DR-405 be filed. Returns not timely filed shall be subject to the penalties enumerated in Section 107193.072, F.S. 109Claims of more exemptions than allowed under Section 117196.183(1), F.S., 119are subject to the taxes exempted as a result of wrongfully claiming the additional exemptions plus penalties on these amounts as enumerated in Section 143196.183(5), F.S.

    145(3) Section 147196.183(1), F.S., 149states that a single return must be filed, and therefore a single exemption granted, for all freestanding equipment not located at the place where the owner of tangible personal property transacts business.

    181(4) “Site where the owner of tangible personal property transacts business.”

    192(a) Section 194196.183(2), F.S., 196defines “site where the owner of tangible personal property transacts business.” A “site where the owner of tangible personal property transacts business” includes facilities where the business ships or receives goods, employees of the business are located, goods or equipment of the business are stored, or goods or services of the business are produced, manufactured, or developed, or similar facilities located in offices, stores, warehouses, plants, or other locations of the business. Sites where only the freestanding property of the owner is located shall not be considered sites where the owner of tangible personal property transacts business.

    293(b) Example: A business owns copying machines or other freestanding equipment for lease. The location where the copying machines are leased or where the freestanding equipment of the owner is placed does not constitute a site where the owner of the equipment transacts business. If it is not a site where one or more of the activities stated in subsection (a) occur, for purposes of the tangible personal property exemption, it is not considered a site where the owner transacts business.

    374(5) 375Property Appraiser Actions – Maintaining Assessment Roll Entry. For all freestanding equipment not located at a site where the owner of tangible personal property transacts business, and for which a single return is required, and for property assessed under Section 415193.085, F.S., 417the property appraiser is responsible for allocating the exemption to those taxing jurisdictions in which freestanding equipment or property assessed under Section 439193.085, F.S. 441is located. Allocation should be based on the proportionate share of the just value of such property in each jurisdiction. However, the amount of the exemption allocated to each taxing authority may not change following the extension of the tax roll under Section 484193.122, F.S.

    486(6) By February 1 of each year, the property appraiser shall notify by mail all taxpayers whose requirement for filing an annual tangible personal property tax return was waived in the previous year. The notification shall state that a return must be filed if the value of the taxpayer’s tangible personal property exceeds the exemption and shall include notification of the penalties for failure to file such a return. Form DR-405W (incorporated by reference in Rule 56212D-16.002, 563F.A.C.), may be used by property appraisers at their option.

    573Rulemaking Authority 575195.027(1), 576213.06(1) FS. 578Law Implemented 580192.047, 581193.063, 582193.072, 583193.114, 584193.122, 585196.183, 586213.05 FS. 588History–New 11-1-12.


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