12A-17.003. Registration  

Effective on Tuesday, January 10, 2017
  • 1(1)(a) Any person, corporation, or other business entity must submit a completed Registration Application for Secondhand Dealers and Secondary Metals Recyclers (Form DR-1S, incorporated by reference in Rule 2912A-17.005, 30F.A.C.), and obtain a certificate of registration before engaging in business as a secondhand dealer or secondary metals recycler. If a secondhand dealer, or secondary metals recycler is the owner of more than one business location, the application must list each location owned by the same legal entity. The Department will issue a certificate of registration to the applicant for each location.

    92(b) 93Each business owner, officer, member, director, partner and stockholder with a controlling interest in the business entity must undergo a 113state and federal criminal history record check (background check). 122Employees of secondhand dealers or secondary metals recyclers with no controlling interest, financial or otherwise, are not required to undergo a criminal history record check.

    147(2)(a) The certificate of registration issued by the Department is only valid for the business entity listed on the certificate and for the registration indicated on the certificate. The certificate of registration may not be assigned or transferred to any other legal entity.

    190(b) Engaging in business as a secondhand dealer or secondary metals recycler without first obtaining a certificate of registration or after a certificate is revoked or suspended by the Department is prohibited.

    222(3) The effective date of the certificate of registration issued by the Department is the date 238the application is postmarked, hand-delivered, or submitted electronically to 247the Department. For the purposes of this rule, “postmark date” includes the date on which a taxpayer delivers a completed application to an express service or delivery service for delivery to the Department.

    280(4)(a) For businesses that hold a valid certificate of registration, a new completed application must be submitted and a new certificate of registration must be obtained when there is a change in the form of ownership in the business. For example, a sole proprietor that incorporates or a corporation that converts to a limited liability company must submit a new registration application to the Department and obtain a new certificate of registration.

    352(b) When there is a change in a general partner of a partnership, in the members of an association, joint venture, limited liability company, or other entity, or in the corporate officers, directors, or stockholders who hold a controlling interest in a corporation, each new partner, member, corporate officer or director, or stockholder must 406undergo a state and federal criminal history record check415.

    416(5) Each business that holds a secondhand dealer or secondary metals recycler certificate of registration is required to pay an annual renewal fee of $6 per location. 443Renewal notices are provided annually to each registered secondhand dealer or secondary metals recycler. Annual 458renewal fees are due by October 1 of each year.

    468(6)(a) Local law enforcement officials may request a report on the registration of secondhand dealers or secondary metals recyclers in their jurisdiction by calling the Department at (850)488-6800. After verifying the official’s identity, as provided in Rule 50512-22.005, 506F.A.C., the Department will release the following information to a law enforcement official who requests verification of a secondhand dealer’s or a secondary metals recycler’s certificate of registration:

    5341. Whether a specified person holds a valid certificate of registration;

    5452. Whether a specified certificate number is valid, has been canceled, or is inactive or otherwise invalid and the name of the holder of that certificate number; and,

    5733. The name and address of any secondhand dealer or secondary metals recycler registered to do business within the official’s jurisdiction.

    594(b) Pursuant to Section 598213.053(9), F.S., 600the Department will provide information required by an order of a judge or a subpoena.

    615Rulemaking Authority 617213.06(1), 618538.11, 619538.37 FS. 621Law Implemented 623213.053(9), 624(11), 625538.09, 626538.25, 627538.32 FS. 629History–New 3-15-90, Amended 11-14-91, 4-18-93, 10-18-93, 10-17-94, 3-20-96, 8-1-02, 9-15-08, 6-1-09, 1-17-13, 1-10-17.