12D-51.001. Classified Use Real Property Guidelines, Standard Assessment Procedures and Standard Measures of Value, Agricultural Guidelines  

Effective on Thursday, December 30, 1982
  • 1Pursuant to Section 4195.062, F.S., 6these guidelines are adopted in general conformity with the procedures set forth in Section 20120.54, F.S., 22but shall not have the force and effect of rules and are to be used only to assist property appraisers in the assessment of agricultural property as provided by Section 52195.002, F.S. 54Copies of these guidelines may be obtained from the Department of Revenue, Property Tax Oversight Program, P.O. Box 3000, Tallahassee, Florida 32315-3000.

    76Rulemaking Authority 78195.027(1), 79195.032, 80213.06(1) FS. 82Law Implemented 84193.461, 85195.032, 86195.062, 87213.05 FS. 89History–New 12-30-82, Formerly 12D-51.01.