12D-8. Assessment Roll Preparation And Approval  

12D-8.001. All Property to Be Assessed
12D-8.002. Completion and Submission of Assessment Rolls
12D-8.003. Possessory Interest on the Roll
12D-8.004. Notice of Proposed Increase of Assessment from Prior Year
12D-8.005. Assessing Property Not Returned as Required by Law and Penalties Thereon
12D-8.006. Assessment of Property for Back Taxes
12D-8.007. Preparation of Assessment Rolls
12D-8.008. Additional Requirements for Preparation of the Real Property Roll
12D-8.009. Additional Requirements for Preparation of Tangible Personal Property Assessment Roll
12D-8.010. Uniform Definitions for Computer Files
12D-8.011. Uniform Standards for Computer Operations: Minimum Data Requirements
12D-8.013. Submission of Computer Tape Materials to the Department
12D-8.015. Extension of the Assessment Rolls
12D-8.016. Certification of Assessment Rolls by the Appraiser
12D-8.017. Distribution of Assessment Rolls
12D-8.018. Recapitulations of Assessment Rolls
12D-8.019. Post-audit Review
12D-8.020. Approval of Assessment Rolls by the Department of Revenue
12D-8.021. Procedure for the Correction of Errors by Property Appraisers
12D-8.022. Reporting of Fiscal Data by Fiscally Constrained Counties to the Department of Revenue
12D-8.0061. Assessments; Homestead Property Assessments at Just Value
12D-8.0062. Assessments; Homestead; Limitations
12D-8.0063. Assessment of Changes, Additions, or Improvements to a Homestead
12D-8.0064. Assessments; Correcting Errors in Assessments of a Homestead
12D-8.0065. Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference; "Portability"; Sworn Statement Required; Denials; Late Applications
12D-8.0068. Reduction in Assessment for Living Quarters of Parents or Grandparents
12D-8.00659. Notice of Change of Ownership or Control of Non-Homestead Property