14-91.004. Prequalification Requirements  

Effective on Tuesday, March 24, 2015
  • 1(1) Design-Build Firms shall satisfy the technical qualification requirements as required by Rule Chapter 14-75, F.A.C., and all qualification requirements of Rule Chapter 14-22, F.A.C., based on the applicable category of the specific Design-Build Project 36prior to the closing date for submittal of the letters of interest on Adjusted Score Design-Build Projects and Factored Design-Build Projects and prior to receiving the request for proposal on Low Bid Design-Build Projects.

    70(2) Design-Build Joint Venture. A Design-Build Joint Venture is created when a qualified bidder, or group of qualified bidders, and another entity enter into an agreement prior to bidding on Design-Build projects. A joint venture formed under Rule 10814-22.007, 109F.A.C., will qualify as a Design-Build Joint Venture for purposes of this chapter.

    122(a) The parties to the Design-Build Joint Venture shall submit Form 375-020-18, Rev. 09/13, Declaration of Joint Venture and Power of Attorney for Bidding on Specified Project(s), hereby incorporated by reference at 154http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-03121, 156and receive Department approval for bidding prior to the due date of the letter of interest on Adjusted Score Design-Build and Factored Design-Build projects or receiving the request for proposal on Low Bid Design-Build Projects.

    191(b) Design-Build Joint Venture Capacity. The parties to the Design-Build Joint Venture shall submit a statement in the name of the Design-Build Joint Venture signed by each party, indicating that 100% of the proposed contract work can be debited against the qualified bidder(s)’ current bid capacity as established in Rule 24114-22.006, 242F.A.C. If more than one qualified bidder is a party to the Design-Build Joint Venture, the parties to the Design-Build Joint Venture must indicate the percentage of the proposed contract work to be debited against each qualified bidder’s current capacity. No party in the Design-Build Joint Venture may exceed its current capacity by virtue of the percentage of proposed contract work debited against its available capacity, as expressed in the signed statement and using the budget estimate as the comparison figure. 323The provisions of this section regarding the apportionment of the debit among the parties shall in no way divide the responsibility for the 346Design-Build Joint Venture 349bid or contract among the parties.

    355(c) Qualified parties who form a 361Design-Build Joint Venture 364under the provisions of this rule must have a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for the 380Design-Build Joint Venture 383or give proof that a FEIN has been requested. The 393Design-Build Joint Venture 396shall provide this number to the Department before the contract award can be made.

    410Rulemaking Authority 412334.044(2), 413337.11(7)(b) FS. 415Law Implemented 417337.11(7) FS. 419History–New 3-13-88, Amended 2-20-96, 3-24-15.


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