14B-1.001. Definitions  

Effective on Thursday, August 8, 2019
  • 1(1) “Council” means the Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic Development Council as created in section 16311.09(1), F.S.

    18(2) “Eligible Port” means deepwater ports identified in section 27311.07(3)(a), F.S.

    29(3) “Florida Seaport Mission Plan” means the mission statement developed by the Council pursuant to section 45311.09(3), F.S.

    47(4) “Florida Transportation Plan” means the plan developed by the Department of Transportation pursuant to section 63339.155, F.S.

    65(5) “Matching Funds” for a port transportation project, other than a seaport intermodal access project, means funds provided by a source other than the Florida Department of Transportation which shall, at a minimum, be an amount equal to the program funds.

    106(a) 107Matching Funds for seaport intermodal access projects as described in section 118341.053, F.S. 120and identified in the Seaport Mission Plan shall be mutually determined by the Council and the Department of Transportation, provided a minimum of 25 percent of the total project funds shall come from port, local, private, or specifically earmarked federal funds.

    161(b) Matching Funds for seaport intermodal access projects that involve the dredging or deepening of channels, turning basins, or harbors; or the rehabilitation of wharves, docks, or similar structures shall have a minimum of 25 percent of the total project funds from port, federal, local, or private funds.

    209(6) “Port Facilities or Port Transportation Projects” are those defined in section 221311.07(3)(b), F.S.

    223(7) “Port Master Plan” means a comprehensive or strategic plan prepared by each eligible deepwater port which addresses existing port facilities and any proposed expansions and adequately addresses the applicable requirements of section 256163.3178(2)(k), F.S., 258or other provisions of the Community Planning Act, part II of chapter 163, F.S.

    272(8) “Program Funds” means those funds identified in sections 281311.07(2) 282and 283320.20(3) 284and (4), F.S.

    287(9) “SeaCIP” is a secure, comprehensive capital improvement project and financial management database system designed for use by Council members. It allows for online application submission by seaports and online review and approval of seaport capital improvement projects by Council state agencies. As projects are funded by the Council and progress through the construction phase, the SeaCIP system accepts inputs regarding funds allotted and funds disbursed to the project creating a “real time” financial management tool.

    363(10) “Statewide Seaport and Waterways System Plan” means the plan developed by the Department of Transportation pursuant to section 382311.14, F.S.

    384Rulemaking Authority 386311.09(4) FS. 388Law Implemented 390311.07, 391311.09, 392315.02, 393320.20 FS. 395History–New 12-19-90, Amended 7-13-10, 1-12-16, 8-8-19.