15A-10.029. Special Supervision Services (SSS) and Statutory Eligibility  

Effective on Tuesday, March 4, 1997
  • 1(1) All administrative rules except Rules 715A-10.003, 815A-10.009, 915A-10.015, 1015A-10.016, 1115A-10.018, 1215A-10.019, 1315A-10.023, 1415A-10.024, 1515A-10.025, 1615A-10.026, 1715A-10.027 18and 1915A-10.028, 20F.A.C., shall apply to the administration of the Special Supervision Services (SSS).

    32(2) Each potential applicant for the SSS shall be advised of the eligibility requirements and provided with the Information Sheet Special Supervision Services, HSMV Form 77012, incorporated by reference in Rule 6315A-10.043, 64F.A.C.

    65(3) The DUI program shall advise each person applying for the SSS of all program rules and regulations prior to accepting the program registration fee from said applicant. A Screening Form, HSMV Form 77013, incorporated by reference in Rule 10415A-10.043, 105F.A.C., shall be completed by each applicant which will document relevant background information related to eligibility requirements.

    122(4) Once eligibility for application is determined by the DUI program, the applicant shall pay the Department approved registration fee. Applicants may apply thirty (30) days prior to meeting the required abstinence to provide them the opportunity to secure the restricted license in a more timely manner. The responsibility for obtaining a driver history record as well as an arrest record shall be the responsibility of the DUI program upon receipt of the registration fee.

    197(5) No person shall be eligible for reinstatement in the Special Supervision Services who has previously been reinstated and had that reinstatement cancelled due to current substance abuse. In such a situation the entire statutory revocation period must be served.

    237Rulemaking Authority 239322.02, 240322.292 FS. 242Law Implemented 244322.271, 245322.292 FS. 247History–New 1-4-95, Amended 3-4-97.


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