15C-16.002. Exemptions  

Effective on Thursday, December 4, 2008
  • 1(1) Trailers less than 2,000 lbs. net weight do not require the seller to be licensed for commercial sale and are therefore exempt from electronic temporary registration requirements.

    30(2) To ensure the continuation of operations with the least negative impact to temporary plate issuers when the Department is unable to authorize, or third party providers are unable to assign print on demand temporary license plates, a backup issuance method is authorized by the department. This method is issuing pre-printed and pre-assigned temporary license plate stock. The 88issuance of a plate using this method must be reported to the department within one business day, not including weekends or state holidays, of the issuance of the plate. Every issuer shall keep a record of any temporary tag issued in a form specified by the Department. The record will include, but is not limited to: date of issuance, tag number issued, the name and address of the motor vehicle purchase, vehicle identification number, vehicle description, and reason for off-line issuance.

    169Rulemaking 170Authority 171320.131 FS. 173Law Implemented 175320.131 FS. 177History–New 12-4-08.


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