15C-16.009. Tax Collector Responsibilities  

Effective on Tuesday, December 14, 2010
  • 1Tax Collectors are responsible for:

    6(1) Appointing EFS agents in their county after the Department notifies said Tax Collector that the entity is authorized.

    25(2) Referring any requests to become an authorized EFS agent to the Department.

    38(3) Reviewing supporting documentation from EFS transactions processed in the county. The Tax Collector shall ensure all transactions and corrections are processed in accordance with law and Department procedure.

    67(4) Receiving funds collected electronically from EFS transactions from the Certified Service Provider and remitting State funds in accordance with law and Department procedure.

    91(5) Distribution of indicia to authorized EFS agents. The Tax Collector’s responsibility is limited to distribution of indicia pursuant to Department procedure.

    113Rulemaking Authority 115320.03(10)(a) FS. 117Law Implemented 119320.03(10)(a), 120(b) FS. History–New 12-14-10, Formerly 12515C-18.003.