18-21.007. Applications for Letter of Consent  

Effective on Thursday, March 21, 2019
  • 1Applications for a letter of consent shall include the following:

    11(1) Name, address, 14email address, 16and telephone number of applicant and applicant’s authorized agent, if applicable;

    27(2) Location of the proposed activity including: county; section, township and range; affected waterbody; and a 43scaled aerial photograph of the 48vicinity;

    49(3) Satisfactory evidence of sufficient upland interest to the extent required by paragraph 6218-21.004(3)(b), 63F.A.C.;

    64(4) A detailed statement of the proposed activity;

    72(5) Multi-slip docking facilities 76shall provide a letter affirming 81that the facility will not be a revenue generating/income producing facility 92as defined in rule 9618-21.003, 97F.A.C.;

    98(6) Dimensioned site plan drawing(s) with the following requirements:

    107(a) Using an appropriate scale for a 8 1/2" x 11" size document;

    120(b) Showing the approximate water’s edge;

    126(c) Showing the location of the shoreline vegetation, if existing;

    136(d) Showing the location of the proposed structures and any existing structures;

    148(e) Showing the applicant’s upland parcel property lines; and,

    157(f) Showing the primary navigation channels or direction to the center of the affected waterbody.

    172(7) If dredging is proposed, an estimate of the number of cubic yards of sovereignty materials to be removed showing how the amount was calculated.

    197Rulemaking Authority 199253.03(7) FS. 201Law Implemented 203253.03, 204253.12, 205253.77 FS. 207History–New 3-27-82, Formerly 16Q-21.07, 16Q-21.007, Amended 12-11-01, 3-21-19.