19-8.028. Reimbursement Premium Formula  

Effective on Thursday, July 16, 2020
  • 1(1) Purpose. This rule adopts the Premium Formula to determine the Actuarially Indicated Reimbursement Premium to be paid to the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund, as required by Section 29215.555(5)(b), F.S.

    31(2) Definitions. 33The definitions in the Reimbursement Contract for the applicable Contract Year also apply to this rule and the forms referenced in this rule. In addition, as used in this rule:

    63(a) “SBA” means the State Board of Administration of Florida.

    73(b) “Contract Year” is defined in Section 80215.555(2), F.S.

    82(c) “Independent Consultant” means the independent individual, firm, or organization with which the SBA contracts to prepare the Premium Formula and any other actuarial services for the FHCF, as determined under the contract with the Consultant.

    118(3) The Premium Formula.

    122(a) The Formula for determining the Actuarially Indicated Reimbursement Premium to be paid to the Fund, as required by Section 142215.555(5)(b), F.S., 144is the rate times the exposure per $1,000 of insured value and this equals the Premium to be paid in dollars. The premium rates are determined by taking into account geographic location by zip code; construction type; policy deductible; type of insurance and other such factors deemed by the SBA to be appropriate. The Formula is developed by an Independent Consultant selected by the SBA, as required by Section 214215.555(5)(b), F.S.

    216(b) For the 2020/2021 Contract Year, the Formula developed by the SBA’s Independent Consultant, “Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund 2020 Ratemaking Formula Report Presented to the State Board of Administration of Florida March 17, 2020, 250http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-12052,252” as approved by the SBA, is hereby adopted and incorporated by reference into this rule. The premium rates are developed in accordance with the Premium Formula methodology approved by the SBA.

    284(4) Special Circumstances.

    287(a) Allocation of Premium. Premiums paid to the FHCF with reference to property covered by Quota Share Primary Insurance Arrangements, as that phrase is defined in Section 314627.351(6)(c)2.a.315(I), F.S., will be allocated by the FHCF between the Company and Citizens in accordance with the percentages specified in the Quota Share Primary Insurance Arrangement for the purposes of premium billing, calculating retentions and determining reimbursement payments.

    353(b) Special Rating Circumstances. The Premium Formula for policies that, based upon sound actuarial principles, require individual ratemaking and which are not excluded by rule will be based on the use of computer modeling for each individual Company for which it is applicable, i.e., portfolio modeling. The Independent Consultant will recommend guidelines for individual Company portfolio reporting and modeling to estimate individual Company FHCF expected losses. Individual Company FHCF expected losses for portfolio modeling exposures will be loaded for investments and expenses on the same basis as the FHCF premium rates used for non-portfolio modeling exposures, but will also include a loading for the additional cost of individual Company modeling. The minimum exposure threshold for FHCF portfolio modeling rating will be sufficient to generate estimated FHCF premium greater than the cost of modeling and other considerations and will be calculated by the Independent Consultant for the separate coverage levels of 45%, 75%, and 90% using the premium rates established pursuant to subsection (3). The methodology used by the Independent Consultant will be based on sound actuarial principles to establish greater actuarial equity in the premium structure.

    539Special recognition is not given to Companies that do not have exposure for Covered Policies for an entire Contract Year, except for New Participants as 564required by Article X(1) and X(2) of the Reimbursement Contract574.

    575(5) All the forms adopted and incorporated by reference in this rule may be obtained from the FHCF website at www.sbafla.com/fhcf, or from the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Administrator, Paragon Strategic Solutions Inc., at 8200 Tower, 5600 West 83rd Street, Suite 1100, Minneapolis, MN 55437.

    620Rulemaking Authority 622215.555(3) FS. 624Law Implemented 626215.555(2), 627(3), (4), (5), (6), (7) FS. History–New 9-20-99, Amended 7-3-00, 9-17-01, 7-17-02, 7-2-03, 7-29-04, 7-17-05, 7-6-06, 7-17-07, 6-16-08, 8-2-09, 7-8-10, 7-3-11, 6-25-12, 6-18-13, 6-10-14, 6-2-15, 5-18-16, 5-30-17, 8-1-18, 5-21-19, 9-17-19, 7-16-20.


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