19B-16.002. Application for Participation in the Program  

Effective on Monday, October 7, 2013
  • 1(1) The Board may only require that applicants provide the following information:

    13(a) For the Account Owner, Survivor, Parent and Beneficiary:

    221. Full legal name and salutation;

    282. Social Security Number;

    323. Date of birth;

    364. Full mailing address;

    405. Two telephone numbers;

    446. Two e-mail addresses;

    48(b) Age, grade, and projected enrollment year of the Beneficiary.

    58(c) An allocation of available Investment Options for initial and future contributions.

    70(d) The source and amount of the initial contribution and any Rollover Contribution.

    83(e) Marketing Information:

    861. How did you hear about the Program?

    942. Annual Family Income;

    983. Purchaser’s relationship to the Beneficiary;

    1044. Beneficiary gender;

    1075. Beneficiary race.

    110(f) A Florida Prepaid College Plan Number for the same Beneficiary to apply a discount on the Application Fee, if offered and applicable.

    133(g) Information required for the processing of a one-time and recurring automatic contribution authorization.

    147(2) A copy of the Participation Agreement, Terms and Conditions, and Application may be obtained from the Board by submitting a request for these documents to: P. O. Box 6448, Tallahassee, Florida 32314-6448.

    180Rulemaking Authority 1821009.971(1), 183(4), (6) FS. Law Implemented 1881009.981 FS. 190History–New 11-27-02, Amended 1-29-04, 12-28-04, 6-2-05, 12-20-05, 1-1-07, 11-27-07, 11-18-08, 1-28-09, 4-5-09, 10-26-09, 10-18-10, 12-5-11, 11-5-12, 5-8-13, 10-7-13.


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