1S-2.040. Statewide Uniform Voter Registration Application  

Effective on Thursday, October 24, 2013
  • 1(1) The Department of State, Division of Elections, is required to adopt by rule a uniform statewide voter registration application for use in this state. Form DS-DE 39, entitled “Florida Voter Registration Application” (eff. 10/2013; 36https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-03171, 38is hereby incorporated by reference. The form consists of two parts: instructions and information, and a detachable application.

    56(2) This application is available by request from the Division of Elections at Room 316, R. A. Gray Building, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250 or by contacting the Division of Elections at (850)245-6200, by download from the Division’s website under the votor registration link “For the Voters” at: 102http://election.dos103.state.fl.us, 104or by contacting any supervisor of elections’ office.

    112Rulemaking Authority 11420.10, 11597.012(1), 116(2), 11797.052 FS. 119Law Implemented 12197.051, 12297.052, 12397.053, 12497.1031, 12598.077, 126101.045(2) FS. 128History–New 11-29-05, Amended 1-1-08, 1-2-12, 10-24-13.


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