20-13.0061. Sunburst Tangerines; Classification and Standards

Effective on Wednesday, August 30, 1989
  • 1(1) Classification: The market classification of the citrus hybrid “Sunburst” shall be “tangerine.”

    14(2) Identification: The proper identification shall be either “Sunburst Tangerine” or “Tangerine” and one such name shall be used whenever this fruit is identified.

    38(3) Standards: All State laws and rules applicable to “Tangerines” shall be applicable to this fruit.

    54Rulemaking Authority 56601.10(1), 57(7), 58601.11, 59601.9910(3) FS. 61Law Implemented 63601.11, 64601.21, 65601.9910(3) FS. 67History–New 8-30-89.


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