Effective on Sunday, February 2, 2020
  • 1(1) Classification: The market classification of the citrus hybrid “950” shall be “Tangerine” or “Mandarin,” a mandarin hybrid (21C. reticulata23).

    24(2) Identification:

    26(a) The proper identification shall be either “950,” “Florida Tangerine,” “Tangerine,” “Florida Mandarin” or “Mandarin” and one such name shall be used whenever this fruit is identified.

    56(b) In order to be marketed as “Florida Mandarin” or “Mandarin” the fruit must meet the requirements set forth in Rule 7720-13.0042, 78F.A.C.

    79(3) In order to be marketed as seedless or low-seeded the fruit must meet the definitions set forth in Rule 9920-13.0041, 100F.A.C.

    101(4) Standards: All state laws and rules applicable to “Tangerines” shall be applicable to this fruit.

    117Rulema118king Authority 120601.10(7), 121601.11, 122601.9910(3) FS. 124Law Implemented 126601.11, 127601.9910(3) FS. 129History‒New 2-2-20.