25-30.443. Minimum Filing Requirements for Class C Water and Wastewater Utilities  

Effective on Tuesday, November 30, 1993
  • 1(1) A Class C Utility seeking a rate increase shall submit an application which contains the information required by Rules 2125-30.436, 2225-30.4385, 2325-30.440, 2425-30.4415 25and 2625-30.442, 27F.A.C.

    28(2) Each Class C Utility seeking a rate increase shall also provide the information required by Commission Form PSC/AFD 18 (6/90), entitled “Financial, Rate and Engineering Minimum Filing Requirements – Class C Utilities” which is incorporated into this rule by reference. The form may be obtained from the Director, Division of Accounting and Finance, Florida Public Service Commission, 2540 Shumard Oak Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0850. In compiling the required schedules, additional instructions are set forth below:

    104(a) Each section of this form shall be indexed and tabbed, including a table of contents listing the page numbers of each schedule.

    127(b) If information requested in the form described above is not applicable to the applicant, so state and provide an explanation on the specific schedule.

    152(c) If a projected test year is used, provide a complete set of the Commission Form PSC/AFD 18 (6/90), entitled “Financial, Rate and Engineering Minimum Filing Requirements – Class C Utilities” (as described above) which require a designation of historical or projected information. Such schedules shall be submitted for the historical base year, and any projected year subsequent to the base year and prior to the projected test year, in addition to the projected year. If no designation is shown on a schedule, submit that schedule for the test year only. In lieu of providing separate pages for the above required schedules, the information required can be combined on the same page by adding columns. In the rate base schedules, Section A, the beginning and end-of-year balances shall be shown. For any intermediate period or year, only the year-end balance shall be shown. If a historical test year is used, Schedule E-5 will not be required. A schedule shall also be included which describes in detail all methods and bases of projection, explaining the justification for each method or basis employed.

    333(d) Only two copies of Schedule E-6, entitled Billing Analysis Schedules shall be filed with the application. Each copy shall be submitted in a separate binder from the other required information.

    364(e) In designing rates, the base facility and usage charge rate structure shall be utilized for metered service.

    382(3) Within 60 days after the issuance of a final order entered in response to an application for increased rates, or, if applicable, within 60 days after the issuance of an order entered in response to a motion for reconsideration of such final order, each utility shall submit a breakdown of actual rate case expense incurred, in total, in a manner consistent with Schedule No. B-10 (PSC/AFD Form 19-W, as described in Rule 45525-30.437, 456F.A.C.). If this deadline cannot be met, an extension shall be granted by the Director of the Division of Accounting and Finance for good cause shown.

    482(4) If a petition for interim rates is filed, a utility shall demonstrate that it is earning outside the range of reasonableness on rate of return calculated in accordance with Section 513367.082(5), F.S. 515To demonstrate this, the utility shall submit schedules of rate base, cost of capital and net operating income on an historical basis, with schedules of all adjustments thereto, consistent with Commission Form PSC/AFD 18 (6/90), described above.

    552(5) If a utility is requesting uniform rates for systems that are not already combined in a uniform rate, the information required by this rule must be submitted on a separate basis for each system that has not already been combined in a uniform rate. For those systems already combined in a uniform rate, the utility should submit the required information as a single system. At a minimum, the following schedules of Form PSC/AFD 18 (6/90), described above, shall be filed on a combined basis for all systems included in the filing: A-1, A-2, A-3, A-16, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5, B-10, B-11, B-12, plus all “C”, “D” and “E” schedules (no “F” schedules are required).

    668Rulemaking Authority 670350.127(2), 671367.121 FS. 673Law Implemented 675367.081, 676367.082 FS. 678History–New 6-25-90, Amended 11-30-93.


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