25-30.450. Burden of Proof and Audit Provisions  

Effective on Monday, January 31, 2000
  • 1In each instance, the utility must be able to support any schedule submitted, as well as any adjustments or allocations relied on by the utility. The work sheets, etc., supporting the schedules and data submitted must be organized in a systematic and rational manner so as to enable Commission personnel to verify the schedules in an expedient manner and minimum amount of time. The supporting work sheets, etc., shall list all reference sources necessary to enable Commission personnel to trace to original source of entry into the financial and accounting system and, in addition, verify amounts to the appropriate schedules.

    101Rulemaking Authority 103367.121 FS. 105Law Implemented 107367.081 FS. 109History–New 6-10-75, Formerly 25-10.177, Amended 1-31-00.


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