25-6.0185. Electric Utility Procedures for Long-Term Energy Emergencies  

Effective on Wednesday, March 24, 1999
  • 1(1) Each electric utility in Florida that owns or controls electric generation facilities must have on file with the Commission a long-term energy emergency plan to establish a systematic and effective means of anticipating, assessing, and responding to a long-term emergency caused by a fuel supply shortage. A long-term utility energy emergency exists when the fuel supplies of an individual utility are decreasing or are anticipated to decrease below a level adequate to provide continuous, uninterrupted service to its customers.

    81(2) Beginning on January 31, 1999, and every three calendar years thereafter, each utility subject to this rule must notify the Commission in writing that the utility has reviewed its fuel emergency plan.

    114(a) If a utility determines that its existing plan requires modification, a revised plan shall be submitted for Commission approval with the notification of review.

    139(b) If a utility determines no changes are necessary, the utility must file a letter stating that the required review has been conducted and that the existing plan continues to be adequate.

    171(3) At the time the utility submits its revised plan to the Commission, it shall also provide a copy of the plan to the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC).

    200(4) The Commission shall review and either approve or reject each utility’s plan. The Commission’s review shall consider whether each utility’s plan adequately:

    223(a) Identifies specific actions to be taken by the utility upon the Governor’s declaration of a fuel supply emergency;

    242(b) Addresses interchange of energy and the physical sharing of fuel stocks or fuel deliveries or both;

    259(c) Sets priorities for customer interruptions; and

    266(d) Establishes objective criteria for notifying the Chairman of the FRCC Reliability Assessment Group (RAG) of the existence of a long-term energy emergency on the system of the utility.

    295(5) In reviewing individual utility plans of electric utilities serving areas west of the Apalachicola River, whose electric facilities and emergency contingency plans are coordinated with utilities outside of Florida, the Commission will take into account such utilities’ geographical location and interconnections with utilities outside of Florida.

    342(6) Plans not approved by the Commission shall be revised and resubmitted to the Commission pursuant to Commission order and within the time specified in the order.

    369Rulemaking Authority 371350.127(2), 372366.05(1) FS. 374Law Implemented 376366.04(5), 377366.05(7) FS. 379History–New 6-28-82, Formerly 25-6.185, Amended 3-24-99.


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