25-6.040. Grounding of Primary and Secondary Distribution System Circuits  

Effective on Sunday, April 13, 1980
  • 1(1) Unless otherwise specified by the Commission, each utility shall effectively ground the neutrals of all its multigrounded distribution circuits so as to render them reasonably safe to person and property. Conformance with the applicable provisions in the publications listed in subsection 4325-6.034(2), 44F.A.C., shall be deemed by the Commission that the system is grounded so as to be reasonably safe to person and property.

    66(2) Each utility shall establish a program of inspection to insure that its artificial grounds are in good mechanical condition.

    86Rulemaking Authority 88366.05(1) FS. 90Law Implemented 92366.05(1) FS. 94History–New 7-29-69, Amended 4-13-80, Formerly 25-6.40.