27M-2.001. Certification for Retained Spring Training Facilities (Transferred)  

Effective on Monday, February 12, 2007
  • 1(1) 2An applicant must submit the application for certification to the Florida Sports Foundation by 165:00 p18.19m20., 21EST, 22October 2, 2006 25in order to be considered for certification. 32Applications may not be changed once submitted. 39The original and seven (7) copies of the application should be submitted to the following address:

    55Florida 56Sports Foundation

    58Attention: Larry Pendleton

    612930 Kerry Forest Parkway, 65Suite-100

    66Tallahassee, 67Florida 6832309 

    69Phone: 70(7185072)73488-8347

    74Fax: 75(7685077)78922-0482

    79(2) 80Each application will be reviewed based on the requirements set forth in Section 93288.1162(5)94(c95)296., 97F98.99S100. 101(2006)102.

    103(3) 104The Florida Sports Foundation will receive the application and conduct a scoring of each application based on the criteria establi124shed in Section 127288.1162(5)(c)2128., 129F130.131S132. 133(2006), 134using the Application Evaluation Criteria Worksheet incorporated herein by reference144. Any discrepancies in the application will be resolved in accordance with Se157ction 158288.1162(5)(c)2159., 160F161.162S163. 164(2006)165.

    166(4) 167The Florida Sports Foundation will complete its review and forward its recommendations for certification to the Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development by 1915:00 p193.194m195., 196EST, 197November 30, 2006200

    201(5) 202The Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development will review the recommendations by 215December 15, 2006218. The Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development and the Florida Sports Foundation will meet during the month of December 2006 to review and finalize the certifications. Certifications will be announced by 2515:00 p253.254m255. 256EST, 257January 2, 2007260.

    261Specific Authority 263288.1162 264F265S. Law Implemented 268288.1162 269FS. History271272New 2732-12-07274.

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