27P-6.0023. County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans  

Effective on Thursday, July 18, 2013
  • 1(1) Each county emergency management agency established pursuant to the authority contained in Section 15252.38(2), F.S., 17shall develop and submit to the governing body of the jurisdiction for adoption a County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan in compliance with the requirements, format and standards contained in this rule chapter.

    49(2) County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans will be coordinated and consistent with the provisions of the State Plan. The county emergency management plan will include an evacuation component, a shelter component (risk and host events), and a post-disaster and recovery component and will consist of provisions addressing aspects of preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. The county plan will assign lead and support responsibilities for county agencies and personnel that coordinate with the emergency support functions outlined in the State Plan.

    129(3) The County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan shall be specific and shall address responses and actions in the event of an emergency. It shall clearly identify those positions or agencies responsible for specific functions under given circumstances. Responsibilities must be assigned by position title or agency name, and specific duties for each position or agency must be listed. Checklists and other readily accessible and easy-to-use guidelines are encouraged. Where appropriate, the county plan shall contain maps, diagrams and other visual aids. Copies of the forms the local government will use shall be available for review.

    224(4) The County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan shall be divided into a minimum of two components: the Basic Plan and the Capability Assessment. The Basic Plan shall be narrative in form and generally describe responsibilities within the emergency management framework. It shall include but not be limited to two annexes addressing the recovery and mitigation functions of the county emergency management program. The Basic Plan and the Recovery and Mitigation Annexes shall include organizational charts, maps and checklists. The Capability Assessment shall demonstrate competencies and present information outlined in the County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, standard operating procedures and other supporting documents that are involved in the emergency management program, i.e., emergency response, recovery and mitigation activities.

    341(5) The County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan shall cover county agencies and resources and should cover applicable municipal agencies and resources. County plans shall interface with plans of contiguous jurisdictions, regional, municipalities and the state comprehensive emergency management plans.

    380(6) The County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan or supporting operating procedures referred to in the plan shall provide a detailed description of the process to be followed at the local level whenever an emergency or disaster occurs as a result of the many consequences generated by natural, technological or manmade causes. Such emergencies include, but are not limited to: tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, freezes, extreme temperatures, disease outbreaks, wildfires, terrorism, drought, hazardous materials releases or spills and civil disturbances. The plan shall identify and describe pre-emergency warning systems, evacuation and sheltering plans, hazard mitigation and other anticipatory actions as well as post-event response and recovery actions.

    485(7) The Division hereby adopts and incorporates by reference “Local Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan Compliance Criteria” and the “Emergency Management Capabilities Assessment Checklist” (Form Numbers CEMP-001 and CEMP-002, 2012 Edition) as part of this chapter. County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans and County Emergency Management Programs shall comply with these criteria. These criteria are available from the Division and may be obtained by writing the Division at 2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida 32399 or online at www.floridadisaster.org562. 563These criteria shall be used in the development and review of County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans and Programs. Counties shall complete the compliance criteria prior to the Division’s review of their Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and have them available to the Division 60 days after receiving notification of the Division’s intent to review. Counties shall demonstrate satisfaction of the required plan criteria by noting the page and section in their plan, or supporting documents, where each criterion is satisfied. Counties shall provide the documentation needed to satisfy the requirements of the Capabilities Assessment.

    656(8) Counties are encouraged to follow the format of the State Plan in development of the County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. County emergency management agencies are not required to duplicate the suggested format, but should be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate with those emergency support functions and state agencies that support the State Plan.

    712Rulemaking Authority 714252.35(2)(x) FS. 716Law Implemented 718252.35(1), 719(2)(a), (b), (c), (d), 723252.38(1) FS. 725History–New 2-11-01, Formerly 7289G-6.0023, 729Amended 7-18-13.


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