28-105.0027. Intervention

Effective on Tuesday, February 5, 2013
  • 1(1) Persons other than the original parties to a pending proceeding whose substantial interests will be affected by the disposition of the declaratory statement and who desire to become parties may move the presiding officer for leave to intervene. 40The presiding officer shall allow for intervention of persons meeting the requirements for intervention of this rule. 57Except for good cause shown, motions for leave to intervene must be filed within 21 days after publication of (or such later time as is specified in) the notice in the Florida Administrative Register. The presiding officer may impose terms and conditions on the intervener to limit prejudice to other parties.

    108(2) The motion to intervene shall contain the following information:

    118(a) The name, address, the e-mail address, and facsimile number, if any, of the intervener; if the intervener is not represented by an attorney or qualified representative; and

    146(b) The name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and any facsimile number of the intervener’s attorney or qualified representative, if any; and

    168(c) Allegations sufficient to demonstrate that the intervener is entitled to participate in the proceeding as a matter of constitutional or statutory right or pursuant to agency rule, or that the substantial interests of the intervener are subject to determination or will be affected by the declaratory statement; and

    217(d) The signature of the intervener or intervener’s attorney or qualified representative; and

    230(e) The date.

    233(3) Any party may, within seven days of service of the motion, file a response in opposition.

    250Rulemaking Authority 25214.202, 253120.54(5)(b)6. 254FS. Law Implemented 257120.54(5)(b)6. FS. 259History–New 1-15-07, Amended 2-5-13.


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