28-106.2015. Agency Enforcement and Disciplinary Actions

Effective on Tuesday, February 5, 2013
  • 1(1) Prior to entry of a final order to suspend, revoke, or withdraw a license, to impose administrative fines, or to take other enforcement or disciplinary action against a licensee or person or entity subject to the agency’s jurisdiction, the agency shall serve upon the licensee an administrative complaint. For purposes of this rule, an agency pleading or communication that seeks to exercise an agency’s enforcement authority and to take any kind of disciplinary action against a licensee or other person shall be deemed an administrative complaint.

    88(2) An agency issuing an administrative complaint shall be the petitioner, and the licensee against whom the agency seeks to take disciplinary action shall be the respondent.

    115(3) The agency’s administrative complaint shall be considered the petition, and service of the administrative complaint on the respondent shall be deemed the initiation of proceedings.

    141(4) The agency’s administrative complaint shall contain:

    148(a) The name of the agency, the respondent or respondents against whom disciplinary action is sought and a file number.

    168(b) The statutory section(s), rule(s) of the Florida Administrative Code, or the agency order alleged to have been violated.

    187(c) The facts or conduct relied on to establish the violation.

    198(d) A statement that the respondent has the right to request a hearing to be conducted in accordance with Sections 218120.569 219and 220120.57, F.S., 222and to be represented by counsel or other qualified representative.

    232(5) Requests for hearing filed by the respondent in accordance with this rule shall include:

    247(a) The name, address, 251any e-mail address, 254telephone number, and facsimile number, if any, of the respondent, 264if the respondent is not represented by an attorney or qualified representative276.

    277(b) The name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and facsimile number of the attorney or qualified representative of the respondent, if any, upon whom service of pleadings and other papers shall be made.

    310(c) A statement requesting an administrative hearing identifying those material facts that are in dispute. If there are none, the petition must so indicate.

    334(d) A statement of when the respondent received notice of the administrative complaint.

    347(e) A statement including the file number to the administrative complaint.

    358Rulemaking 359Authority 36014.202, 361120.54(5) FS. 363Law Implemented 365120.54(5) 366FS. History–New 1-15-07, Amended 2-5-13.


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