28-29.002. Boundary  

Effective on Monday, February 4, 1991
  • 1The following area is hereby designated as the Florida Keys Area of Critical State Concern:

    16All lands in Monroe County, except:

    22(1) That portion of Monroe County included within the designated exterior boundaries of the Everglades National Park and areas north of said Park;

    45(2) All lands more than 250 feet seaward of the mean high water line owned by local, state, or federal governments;

    66(3) Federal properties; and

    70(4) Area within the incorporated boundaries of the City of Key West.

    82Rulemaking Authority 84380.05(12) FS. 86Law Implemented 88380.05, 89380.0552 FS. 91History–New 5-16-75, Formerly 22F-8.02, Amended 8-23-84, Formerly 27F-8.02, 27F-8.002, Amended 10-28-87, 2-4-91.


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