29J-2.002. Meetings, Hearings and Workshops  

Effective on Wednesday, August 6, 1975
  • 1(1) Persons who wish to address the Council on a matter not specifically included on the agenda for the Council’s upcoming public meeting, hearing or workshop shall so notify the Chairman or the Executive Director not less than ten (10) days before the Council’s upcoming public meeting, hearing or workshop. The Chairman or Executive Director shall include the party on the agenda or notify the party in writing of the reasons for not including the person on the agenda.

    80(2) Persons participating in a public meeting, hearing or workshop of the Council shall be allocated a reasonable amount of time to present oral testimony and offer any appropriate written materials relevant to the person’s position. The Chairman shall instruct all persons as to the amount of time allocated for presentation and as to the appropriateness of written materials offered.

    140(3) Robert’s Rules of Order shall apply to all of the Council’s public meetings, hearings and workshops, to the extent not inconsistent with Chapter 120, F.S., and to the extent reasonable and practical.

    173Rulemaking Authority 175120.54, 176163.01, 177186.501 FS. 179Law Implemented 181120.54, 182163.01(5)(h), 183186.505 FS. 185History–New 8-6-75, Formerly 29J-2.02.