29J-2.003. Developments of Regional Impact (DRI)  

Effective on Tuesday, March 9, 1999
  • 1The South Florida Regional Planning Council coordinates the multi-agency, intergovernmental review of Developments of Regional Impact (DRI), including Florida Quality Developments, and Areawide and Downtown DRIs, and amendments to same in accordance with Section 35380.06, F.S., 37and Chapter 9J-2, F.A.C., as amended, and the Strategic Regional Policy Plan for South Florida (Rule 5329J-2.009, 54F.A.C.).

    55Rulemaking Authority 57120.54, 58186.505 FS. 60Law Implemented 62120.54, 63185.505 FS. History–New 8-6-75, Amended 7-6-81, 9-1-81, Formerly 29J-2.03, Amended 6-2-86, 11-9-86, 5-3-87, 11-30-87, 12-26-88, 3-9-99.


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