33-102.201. Notice of Proposed Rules  

Effective on Thursday, July 17, 2008
  • 1(1) Prior notice of adoption, amendment or repeal of a rule shall be made available to persons or parties directly affected by the rule as required in Section 29120.54(3), F.S.

    31(2) Notice to those directly affected by a proposed rule shall be by:

    44(a) A copy of the proposed rule shall be forwarded to the Joint Administrative Procedures Committee.

    60(b) Publication in the Florida Administrative Register at least 21 days prior to any proposed hearing.

    76(c) Posting notice of the intended action on the Department of Corrections website.

    89(d) Posting by memorandum notice of the intended action on the inmate bulletin boards of all major institutions, annexes, work camps, road prisons, and work release centers throughout the state directing that complete proposed rules are available in each institutional library or office. A copy of the notice shall be circulated among the inmates in all disciplinary, administrative and close management confinement areas of all facilities.

    155Rulemaking Authority 157120.54(3)(a) FS. 159Law Implemented 161120.54(3)(a) FS. 163History–New 10-8-76, Amended 5-2-85, Formerly 33-12.01, Amended 8-13-97, Formerly 33-12.001, Amended 7-17-08.


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