33-104.202. Procedures to be Applied to News Media Representatives Attending Executions  

Effective on Monday, August 4, 2008
  • 1(1) The following procedures shall apply to representatives of the news media who are selected to witness executions:

    19(a) The media representatives shall sign in at Florida State Prison one (1) hour prior to the time set for execution.

    40(b) No electronic or mechanical devices, including but not limited to still, moving picture or video-tape cameras, tape recorders or similar devices, cell phones, or artistic paraphernalia, will be permitted in the execution observation room.

    75(c) News media representatives will be escorted as a group to the main prison building, where they will be cleared for security purposes. After clearing security, the media group will be escorted to the execution observation room by correctional staff.

    115(2) The failure to comply with these procedures, Department or institution rules, or directions of authorized staff may cause the individual in question, at the discretion of the Secretary, the warden or a deputy designated by him, to be refused admittance to witness the execution. If already admitted, the individual may be removed therefrom, and shall not be eligible to attend future executions without specific approval of the Secretary.

    184(3) Offenders sentenced to death will be permitted to final statements immediately before execution if they wish.

    201(4) When execution procedures are complete, news media representatives will immediately be escorted out of the prison by correctional staff.

    221Rulemaking Authority 223944.09 FS. 225Law Implemented 227922.11, 228944.23 FS. 230History–New 10-11-77, Amended 3-10-80, Formerly 33-15.02, 33-15.002, Amended 8-4-08.


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