33-302.106. Intrastate Travel  

Effective on Tuesday, October 5, 2004
  • 1(1) No offender shall change his or her residence, or leave the county of residence, without first procuring the consent of the officer. In order for an offender’s request for permission to travel to be considered by the officer, the following conditions must exist:

    45(a) The offender is not prohibited by the order of supervision from traveling to the desired location.

    62(b) The offender is not wanted or facing prosecution for criminal charges or violation of the order of supervision.

    81(c) The offender presents a plan of travel that is verifiable by providing a specific location name, telephone number, and contact person by which the information is to be verified, in advance, by the officer.

    116(d) The offender has provided the officer with reasonable advance notice of his or her request to travel to allow the officer ample time to verify the travel plan and review any documentation prior to travel authorization.

    153(e) The travel does not interfere with condition compliance or treatment programming.

    165(f) Travel shall be denied for purely recreational purposes if the offender is not current with the court ordered or releasing authority imposed payment schedule or offender financial obligation agreement and the offender will expend monies in the course of travel.

    206(g) No extenuating circumstances exist which indicate that authorizing the offender to travel would constitute a lack of prudence. Such extenuating circumstances include those that would cause a reasonable person to believe that the offender may be likely to violate a condition of supervision if travel were authorized.

    254(2) An officer shall discuss the offender’s routine travel needs during the initial interview to determine whether the offender must travel daily, weekly, or monthly between counties due to the location of her or his residence and her or his employment site, school, medical needs, program, or other approved need. If the offender must travel across county lines to get to her or his employment site, school, program, doctor, or routine shopping, the officer will document this specific information and give the offender a blanket approval for this travel, provided the travel is verified and is not prohibited by the supervision orders. If the offender’s residence or purpose of travel out of county changes, the blanket approval will be suspended until the offender’s travel needs are revisited, reviewed, and approved. Any other travel out of county must be approved in advance.

    395(3) An Offender approved for travel shall be responsible for the following:

    407(a) Immediately notifying the officer if a change of plan occurs;

    418(b) Immediately notifying the officer of any unusual situations or any contact with law enforcement that occurred during the travel episode;

    439(c) Immediately calling or reporting upon return to the county of residence.

    451(4) The following conditions apply to offenders when travel is authorized:

    462(a) Deviations to the approved travel are not authorized;

    471(b) Travel is authorized only as indicated on the travel permit; and

    483(c) Failure to comply with instructions shall be a violation of supervision.

    495Rulemaking Authority 497944.09 FS. 499Law Implemented 501944.09 FS. 503History–New 3-22-00, Amended 10-2-01, 4-15-03, 10-5-04.


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