33-601.502. Discharge Gratuity  

Effective on Tuesday, August 15, 2017
  • 1(1) The secretary shall authorize the payment of a discharge gratuity to inmates discharged from the custody of the Department of Corrections. A discharge gratuity shall be provided to any inmate released on parole, expiration of sentence, pardon or permanent court order, except those inmates released in any of the following situations:

    53(a) Any inmate to be released who has participated in paid employment through PIE programs or the Work Release Program for a period of at least 120 days immediately preceding release;

    84(b) Any inmate to be released to another jurisdiction for which there is an existing judgment and sentence or detainer;

    104(c) Any inmate to be released to the Department of Children and Family Services or a state or county mental health facility under an order for involuntary commitment, or

    133(d) Should a review of inmate bank trust fund records disclose that an inmate has an account balance of $100 or more at the time of release or has previously had an account balance of $100 or more at any time during the 180 days prior to his release date, the inmate shall be denied a discharge gratuity, except as provided in subsection (2), below.

    198(2) If the warden or his designee determines that the best interests of the inmate and the state are served by the payment of a discharge gratuity to an inmate not otherwise eligible, a gratuity not to exceed $40.00 shall be provided.

    240(3) In the case of an inmate who is reinstated or restored to supervision, a discharge gratuity in an amount of $20.00 will be provided.

    265(4) An inmate’s discharge gratuity shall not be used to pay for any amount of an inmate’s discharge transportation.

    284(5) In hardship cases where, as determined by the Secretary or the Warden, the best interests of the inmate and the state would be served by the payment of more than the standard gratuity, an additional gratuity shall be provided, the total of such gratuity not to exceed twice the standard gratuity. Consideration for this additional gratuity shall be given to any inmate who has:

    349(a) No employment or residence available upon release; and,

    358(b) No evidence of any continuous source of revenue or income such as social security benefits, or

    375(c) A medical condition requiring continuous treatment and no immediate source of income or financial support.

    391Rulemaking Authority 393944.09 FS. 395Law Implemented 397944.611, 398944.613 FS. 400History–New 10-8-76, Formerly 33-7.06, Amended 1-4-87, 1-1-89, 1-18-89, 12-12-91, 4-14-92, 4-28-99, Formerly 33-7.006, Amended 8-28-01, 2-10-04, 9-21-05, 8-14-06, 8-15-17.


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