34-12. Executive Branch Lobbyist Registration  

34-12.010. Purpose and Scope of Rules
34-12.015. Prohibitions
34-12.020. Definitions
34-12.030. Computation of Time
34-12.100. Lobbyist Defined
34-12.110. Exclusions for Judicial Proceedings
34-12.120. Exclusions for Administrative Proceedings as to Lobbying Activities Involving Water Management Districts
34-12.125. Exclusions for Administrative Proceedings
34-12.130. Exclusion for Officers or Employees of Agencies or Legislative or Judicial Branch Entities
34-12.140. Exclusion for Confidential Informants
34-12.150. Exclusion for Category One Purchases
34-12.160. Examples of Lobbying Activities Involving Water Management Districts
34-12.165. Examples of Lobbying Activities
34-12.170. Examples of Activities Not Constituting Lobbying Involving Water Management Districts
34-12.175. Examples of Activities Not Constituting Lobbying
34-12.180. Engendering "Goodwill"
34-12.190. Indirect Expenditures
34-12.200. Registration Requirements
34-12.210. Effective Date of Registration
34-12.330. Annual Renewals
34-12.340. Cancellation of Registration
34-12.400. Compensation Reporting Requirements
34-12.405. Penalties for Late Filing
34-12.407. Appeal of Statutory Fines: Hearings, Unusual Circumstances
34-12.420. Notification of Compensation Reporting Deadlines
34-12.500. Agency Responsibilities
34-12.600. Advisory Opinion Requests
34-12.610. Form of Requests for Opinions
34-12.620. Receipt of Requests for Opinions; Commission Staff Action
34-12.630. Consideration and Issuance of Opinions by Commission; Reconsideration of Opinions
34-12.640. Effect of an Advisory Opinion
34-12.650. Publication of Advisory Opinions
34-12.660. Records Retention and Inspection
34-12.700. Complaint Proceedings, Generally
34-12.705. Parties
34-12.710. Counsel
34-12.715. Staff Procedures Upon Receipt of a Complaint
34-12.720. Review for Sufficiency of Allegations and Order of Preliminary Investigation
34-12.725. Withdrawal of Complaints
34-12.728. Delegation of Authority
34-12.730. Subpoenas During Preliminary Investigation
34-12.735. Investigations
34-12.740. Motions to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction
34-12.745. Advocate's Recommendation
34-12.750. Probable Cause Hearing
34-12.755. Notification of Probable Cause Determination
34-12.760. Confidentiality