34-12.165. Examples of Lobbying Activities  

Effective on Sunday, October 19, 2014
  • 1[Notice: This rule replaces Rule 634-12.160, 7F.A.C., except with respect to lobbying activities involving water management districts. Chapter 2014-183, Section 6, Laws of Florida, created Section 112.3261, F.S., “Lobbying before water management districts; registration.” That section provides that “lobbies” means seeking, on behalf of another person, to influence a water management district with respect to a decision of the district in an area of policy or procurement or an attempt to obtain the goodwill of a district official or employee. The term “lobbies” shall be interpreted and applied consistently with the rules of the commission implementing Section 98112.3215, F.S. 100As Rule 10234-12.165, 103F.A.C., was not in existence when the Legislature enacted Section 112.3261, F.S., on May 2, 2014, the rule is not incorporated by reference into Section 112.3261, F.S.]

    130As used in this rule, “lobbying” activities include, for example:

    140(1) The representation of a client in communications with the Office of the Governor with respect to legislative matters.

    159(2) Seeking to influence the content of an agency’s request for proposals or specifications for the purchase of goods or services on behalf of another person or governmental entity, unless in regard to the category of purchases described in Rule 19934-12.150, 200F.A.C.

    201(3) Seeking to influence the priority given by an agency to the purchase of land or to a construction project on behalf of another person or governmental entity.

    229(4) Seeking to influence an agency’s decision regarding a proposed rule in behalf of a client through communications with agency personnel prior to the publication of a notice of rule development pursuant to Section 263120.54(2), F.S., 265or the filing of a petition to initiate rulemaking pursuant to Section 277120.54(7), F.S.

    279(5) Seeking to influence an agency in behalf of a person or governmental entity with respect to policies of the agency.

    300Rulemaking Authority 302112.3215, 303112.322(9) FS. 305Law Implemented Chapter 2014-183, Sect310ion 6, L.O.F., 313112.3215, 314112.3261 FS. History‒New 10-19-14.


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