34-12.200. Registration Requirements  

Effective on Tuesday, November 24, 2015
  • 1(1) A person who is a “lobbyist” as defined in Section 12112.3215(1)(h), F.S., 14and this rule chapter may not lobby an agency until he or she has registered as a lobbyist with the Commission. Registration may be made 39by electronic means at 43www.floridalobbyist.gov 44or 45on CE Form 20, Executive Branch Lobbyist Registration. Registration shall require the registrant to disclose, under oath, the following:

    64(a) Name, business address, and telephone number;

    71(b) Name, business address, and telephone number of each principal represented by the registrant;

    85(c) Name, business address, and telephone number of the lobbying firm on behalf of which the registrant is representing the principal, if any;

    108(d) His or her area of interest;

    115(e) The agencies before which he or she will appear; and

    126(f) The existence of any direct or indirect business association, partnership, or financial relationship with any employee of an agency which he or she lobbies, or intends to lobby.

    155(2) The registrant shall pay an annual registration fee of $25.00 for each principal represented, which will be deposited into the Executive Branch Lobbyist Registration Trust Fund. The fee is payable only once on a calendar year basis and there will be no charge if the lobbyist amends his or her registration to lobby additional agencies on behalf of the same principal.

    217(3) The registrant shall include a separate statement signed by the principal or the principal’s representative that the registrant is authorized to represent the principal. On this statement, the principal will also identify and designate its main business using the 6-digit NAICS code published in the 263North American Industry Classification System–United States269. Classification system information can be obtained by contacting the NAICS Association, 129 Lakeshore Drive, Rockaway, NJ 07866, or by visiting its website292: www.naics.com.

    294(4) Any changes to the information provided on the registration form must be reported to the Commission in writing within 15 days.

    316(5) A person convicted of a felony after January 1, 2006 may not register as a lobbyist until:

    334(a) The person has been released from incarceration and any post-conviction supervision;

    346(b) The person has paid all court costs and court-ordered restitution; and

    358(c) The person has had his or her civil rights restored.

    369(6) In the event that a lobbyist who has registered with the Commission undertakes to represent a new principal, or to represent a principal for whom he or she previously has registered before an agency for which he or she had not registered, a new registration shall be made before lobbying the agency in behalf of that principal.

    427(7) Registration by electronic means may be made via the Lobbyist Registration and Compensation Reporting system available at www.floridalobbyist.gov or by using CE Form 20, Executive Branch Lobbyist Registration, Effective 1/2015 458http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-04834460. The CE Form 20 and instructions may be obtained without cost from the Lobbyist Registration Office, 111 West Madison Street, Room G-68, Tallahassee, Florida 32399, Telephone (850) 922-4990.

    489Rulemaking Authority 491112.3215, 492112.322(9) FS. 494Law Implemented 496112.3215 FS. 498History–New 10-12-89, Amended 12-6-92, 6-15-06, 8-18-10, 8-18-10, 1-1-13, 1-8-15, 11-24-15.


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