34-12.340. Cancellation of Registration  

Effective on Thursday, June 15, 2006
  • 1The principal of a lobbyist may cancel the lobbyist’s registration by providing written notice to the Commission that the lobbyist is no longer authorized to represent that principal. A lobbyist must cancel his or her registration with the Commission upon termination of his or her contract or other such employment relationship with his or her principal. Such cancellation must be provided promptly by written notice to the Commission and until received, the lobbying firm will continue to be responsible for filing all required compensation reports. In the event of a cancellation before the end of the year for which the lobbyist has paid the annual registration fee, no portion of the fee will be refunded to the lobbyist.

    119Rulemaking Authority 121112.3215, 122112.322(9) FS. 124Law Implemented 126112.3215 FS. 128History–New 10-12-89, Amended 12-6-92, 8-7-94, 1-1-97, 6-15-06.


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