34-12.630. Consideration and Issuance of Opinions by Commission; Reconsideration of Opinions  

Effective on Sunday, June 28, 1998
  • 1(1) The draft or drafts of the advisory opinion shall be considered as an agenda item by the Commission and adopted in full, amended, modified, or rejected. The Commission may take any other action necessary for the rendition of a full and accurate opinion, including, but not limited to, directions that further information be provided or that further research be undertaken.

    62(2) The advisory opinion shall be finally approved by the Commission by majority vote. The opinion shall be numbered, dated, and signed by the Chair. The advisory opinion shall be mailed to the person who requested the opinion.

    100(3) A person requesting an advisory opinion may request reconsideration of the opinion by filing with the Commission a request for reconsideration within 15 days of the date the opinion was rendered. The request for reconsideration shall set forth material facts and circumstances which were not before the Commission in its deliberations on the request or which were misstated in the opinion. If the Commission finds that these facts and circumstances would alter the opinion, the Commission may order its staff to redraft the final opinion or to prepare a new working draft of the opinion for later consideration. If the Commission finds that these facts and circumstances would not alter the opinion, it shall deny the request for reconsideration and so notify the person requesting the opinion by letter.

    230Rulemaking Authority 232112.3215, 233112.322(9) FS. 235Law Implemented 237112.3215 FS. 239History–New 10-12-89, Amended 6-28-98.


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