34-12.710. Counsel  

Effective on Sunday, June 28, 1998
  • 1(1) The Respondent and the Complainant may be represented by an attorney or by a qualified representative. After a written notice of appearance of the party’s representative has been received by the Commission, all notices and communications to a party shall be made to the party’s representative, and the party’s representative shall be entitled to exercise the rights granted to the party under these rules.

    66(2) Appearances by counsel or other qualified representatives shall be governed by Rules 7928-106.105 80and 8128-106.106, 82F.A.C. The qualifications of a representative shall be determined in accordance with Rule 9528-106.106, 96F.A.C. Qualified representatives shall observe the standards of conduct specified in Rule 10828-106.107, 109F.A.C.

    110Rulemaking Authority 112112.3215, 113112.322(9) FS. 115Law Implemented 117112.3215, 118120.62(2) FS. 120History–New 10-12-89, Amended 6-28-98.


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