34-12.725. Withdrawal of Complaints  

Effective on Thursday, October 12, 1989
  • 1After a complaint has been filed with the Commission, the Commission may permit the Complainant to withdraw the complaint only for good cause shown. A request for withdrawal shall be in writing, signed by the Complainant and witnessed by a notary public, and shall state the facts and circumstances constituting good cause. The Executive Director shall prepare a written recommendation regarding disposition of the request, which shall be provided to the Commission together with the request. “Good cause” shall be determined based upon the legal sufficiency or insufficiency of the complaint to allege a violation of the law, the stage of disposition of the complaint before the request was received, the reasons given by the Complainant for wishing to withdraw the complaint, and the public welfare. If withdrawal is permitted, the Commission shall order the complaint dismissed and shall proceed in accordance with Rule 14534-12.720, 146F.A.C., as if the complaint had been dismissed under that rule.

    157Rulemaking Authority 159112.3215, 160112.322(9) FS. 162Law Implemented 164112.3215 FS. 166History–New 10-12-89.