34-8.003. Persons Required to File Full and Public Disclosure  

Effective on Monday, October 12, 2015
  • 1The following officers and candidates have been specified by Article II, Section 8, Florida Constitution, to file full and public disclosure:

    22(1) All elected constitutional officers and all candidates for elected constitutional offices, which offices include the Governor; the Lieutenant Governor; the members of the Cabinet; the members of the Legislature; State Attorneys; Public Defenders; Clerks of the Circuit Courts; Sheriffs; County Tax Collectors, Property Appraisers and Supervisors of Elections; County Commissioners; all elective offices in a chartered county government, the duties of which office consist of performing the duties of any of the above constitutional offices; Superintendents of Schools if elected; and members of District School Boards.

    109(2) Each person holding statewide elective office who is not elected to one of the offices listed above in subsection 12934-8.003(1), 130F.A.C.

    131(3) Such other public officers, candidates, and employees as are required by law to file full and public disclosure.

    150Rulemaking Authority Art. II, Section 8, Fla. Const., 158112.322(9) FS. 160Law Implemented Art. II, Section 8, Fla. Const., 168112.3144 FS. 170History–New 4-7-77, Amended 9-21-77, 10-3-84, Formerly 34-8.03, Amended 8-7-94, 10-12-15.


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