40A-21.031. Elements of the Plan  

Effective on Sunday, March 29, 1992
  • 1The Water Shortage Plan consists of the following elements.

    10(1) Part I. General. Part I outlines the general goals and objectives of the District in developing and adopting the Water Shortage Plan and provides definitions for key terms utilized in the plan.

    43(2) Part II. Declaring and Implementing a Water Shortage. Part II describes the procedures the District will utilize in declaring a water shortage. Provisions are made for comparing estimated present and anticipated water supplies with estimated present and anticipated user needs. The impact on the water resource, if demands are met from available supplies, is also evaluated. In addition, a method for expressing the severity of a water shortage in terms of four water shortage phases is provided. General user restrictions and variance procedures are established. Finally, procedures for implementing the water shortage declaration are provided.

    139(3) Part III. Emergency Provisions. Part III pertains to that condition when the restrictions imposed on water users during a water shortage declaration appear inadequate to sufficiently protect the water resource or individual users. At that time, the Executive Director with the concurrence of the Governing Board may declare a water shortage emergency and impose restrictions on individual users. Part III also describes the procedures for declaring such a water shortage emergency and describes the water use restrictions which could be imposed under emergency conditions.

    224(4) Part IV. Monitoring and Enforcement. Part IV describes the District’s overall program of monitoring surface and groundwaters, climatic conditions, and water demand during a water shortage. In addition, this part describes how the District, in conjunction with local law enforcement officials, will enforce the provisions of a declared water shortage or water shortage emergency.

    279(5) Part V. The Classification System. Part V classifies each user according to the source of water supply, type of water use and method of withdrawal. The classification system is utilized in conjunction with Parts II, III and VI to determine the water use restrictions with which users should comply.

    329(6) Part VI. Specific Restrictions. Part VI presents water use restrictions for each water shortage phase and water use class. Various combinations of these restrictions will be employed by the District to achieve the desired reduction in user demands during any phase of a water shortage. The ultimate combination of restrictions chosen will be described within the water shortage order(s) published by the District as described in Rule 39740A-21.275, 398F.A.C.

    399Rulemaking Authority 401373.044, 402373.113 FS. 404Law Implemented 406373.175, 407373.246 FS. 409History–New 3-29-92.


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