40A-21.221. Evaluating Water Conditions  

Effective on Sunday, March 29, 1992
  • 1(1) The District shall monitor the condition of the water resources in the District as provided in Rule 1940A-21.401, 20F.A.C.

    21(2) Current data shall be compared to historical data to determine whether the estimated present and anticipated available water supply within any source class will be insufficient to meet the estimated present and anticipated demands of the users from the source class, or whether serious harm to the water resources can be expected. Factors that shall be considered in determining whether serious harm to the water resource may occur include:

    91(a) Potential for increased saltwater intrusion, upconing, or other ground water contamination;

    103(b) Potential for increases in drawdowns or cone of depressions which may affect nearby users or the resource;

    121(c) Potential for significant adverse impacts on fish and wildlife, and the ecology of the area; and,

    138(d) Other factors adversely impacting the water resources.

    146Rulemaking Authority 148373.044, 149373.113 FS. 151Law Implemented 153373.175, 154373.246 FS. 156History–New 3-29-92.


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