40A-21.251. Water Shortage Phases  

Effective on Sunday, March 29, 1992
  • 1This section establishes four phases of water shortage as a function of the estimated percent reduction in overall water use required to protect the water resources from serious harm or to reduce usage such that established management levels are maintained to the greatest extent possible.

    46(1) Each source class for which a water shortage has been declared shall be assigned a specific water shortage phase. The water shortage phase selected for a source class shall be based upon:

    79(a) The estimated percent reduction required in overall water use; and,

    90(b) For areas with multiple sources, the extent to which users have the capability to obtain water from a source or sources other than the source class for which a water shortage has been declared.

    125(2) The following water shortage phases are established:


    133Percent Reduction


    135Goal in Overall

    138Water Shortage Phase

    141Water Use Demand

    144I. Moderate Water Shortage


    149II. Severe Water Shortage


    154III. Extreme Water Shortage


    159IV. Critical Water Shortage


    164(3) If the Governing Board determines that greater than 60% reduction in water use is necessary, the Board will develop appropriate additional restrictions.

    187Rulemaking Authority 189373.044, 190373.113 FS. 192Law Implemented 194373.175, 195373.246 FS. 197History–New 3-29-92.


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