40A-44.331. Modification of Permits  

Effective on Monday, March 27, 2017
  • 1An application for modification of a surface water management permit shall be processed in accordance with this rule, unless otherwise revoked, suspended or expired.

    25(1) Applications to modify letters of conceptual approval may be made and reviewed:

    38(a) For an alteration of the design of the project in accordance with the same criteria as new applications pursuant to Rules 6040A-44.101 61and 6240A-44.301, 63F.A.C.;

    64(b) For a construction or operation and maintenance permit of a project phase, in accordance with this chapter if the project phase complies with the conceptual approval and otherwise satisfies the requirements of Rules 9840A-44.101 99and 10040A-44.301, 101F.A.C., or

    103(c) For a construction or operation and maintenance permit of a project phase which does not satisfy the requirements of paragraph (b), in the same manner and using the same criteria applicable to the original request for conceptual approval.

    142(2) Applications to modify Individual Surface Water Construction or Individual Operation and Maintenance permits may be made;

    159(a) By formal application and reviewed using the same criteria as new applications, pursuant to Rules 17540A-44.101 176and 17740A-44.301, 178F.A.C., or

    180(b) By letter, provided the requested modification does not:

    1891. Substantially alter the permit authorization,

    1952. Increase the authorized discharge,

    2003. Impact the environmental features of the project,

    2084. Decrease the required retention/detention,

    2135. Decrease any required flood control elevations for roads or buildings, and

    2256. Exceed water quality standards at points of discharge as provided in Chapters 62-302 and 62-4, F.A.C.

    242(3) Applications to modify a General Surface Water Management Permit shall be made:

    255(a) In accordance with Rules 26040A-44.041, 26140A-44.101 262and 26340A-44.301, 264F.A.C., or

    266(b) By letter providing the requested modification does not exceed the conditions of paragraph 28040A-44.331(2)(b), 281F.A.C.

    282Rulemaking Authority 284373.044, 285373.113, 286373.418, 287380.06 FS. 289Law Implemented 291373.118, 292373.406(5), 293373.413, 294373.416, 295373.426, 296373.429, 297380.06 FS. 299History–New 10-1-84, Amended 7-1-98, 3-27-17.