40B-4.1120. Revocation of Permits  

Effective on Monday, October 14, 2013
  • 1(1) The district shall revoke a permit if it determines that a 13work or development in a work of the district is in violation of any district rule, order or condition of the permit and has become a danger to the public health or safety.

    46(2) Revocation of permits shall be conducted in accordance with Section 57373.429, F.S. 59and Chapter 40B-1, F.A.C.

    63Rulemaking Authority 65373.044, 66373.113, 67373.171 FS. 69Law Implemented 71120.57, 72120.60, 73373.084, 74373.085, 75373.429 FS. 77History–New 9-25-85, Amended 10-14-13.


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