40B-4.1150. Emergency Authorization  

Effective on Monday, October 14, 2013
  • 1(1) Permission to begin the construction of 8the work or development in a work of the district 18prior to the issuance of a permit may be requested in writing when emergency conditions exist which justify the request. However, no such permission shall be granted unless the 47requested work or development in a work of the district is 58part of a work of the district application which is already under consideration for a permit under this chapter. A serious set of unforeseeable circumstances must exist to create an emergency. Mere carelessness, financial hardship, or lack of planning on the part of the applicant shall not be sufficient grounds to warrant the granting of an emergency authorization.

    116(2) 117When the applicant has complied with the conditions for emergency authorization as found in subsection (1) above, the executive director shall grant emergency authorization before the next regularly scheduled governing board meeting. The emergency authorization shall be presented to the board at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Failure to receive the board’s concurrence shall immediately invalidate the emergency authorization.

    176Rulemaking Authority 178373.044, 179373.113, 180373.171 FS. 182Law Implemented 184373.084, 185373.085, 186373.086, 187373.413, 188373.416, 189373.426, 190373.439 FS. 192History–New 9-25-85, Amended 10-14-13.


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