40C-1. Organization And Procedure  

40C-1.002. Definitions (Repealed)
40C-1.003. The Governing Board (Repealed)
40C-1.004. District Funds
40C-1.010. Procedure for Voting Conflicts of Interest (Repealed)
40C-1.012. Employee Deferred Compensation Program
40C-1.106. Interagency Agreements
40C-1.135. Delegations of Authority
40C-1.601. General
40C-1.602. Licenses or Permits Required
40C-1.603. Permit Fees (Repealed)
40C-1.604. Conceptual Approval Permit Procedures (Repealed)
40C-1.607. Issuance of a License or Permit
40C-1.608. Denial of a License or Permit
40C-1.610. License or Permit Renewal
40C-1.612. Transfer of Ownership or Permit
40C-1.701. General (Repealed)
40C-1.702. Public Notice (Repealed)
40C-1.703. Letter of Interest (Repealed)
40C-1.704. Competitive Selection (Repealed)
40C-1.705. Competitive Negotiations (Repealed)
40C-1.706. Reservation of Rights (Repealed)
40C-1.708. Protest of Action (Repealed)
40C-1.709. General
40C-1.711. Selection of the Design-Criteria Professional
40C-1.712. Design Criteria Package
40C-1.713. Minimum Qualifications for Firms Providing Design-Build Services
40C-1.714. Request for Qualifications
40C-1.715. Qualification of Firms
40C-1.716. Proposal Selection
40C-1.717. Competitive Negotiations for Design-Build Services
40C-1.718. Rejection of Proposals
40C-1.719. Emergency Procurement
40C-1.720. Reuse of Plans
40C-1.721. Protest of Action (Repealed)
40C-1.1001. Applicability of the Uniform Rules of Procedure
40C-1.1002. Variances from Section 373.414, F.S., Paragraph 40C-4.301(1)(e) and Rule 40C-4.302, F.A.C. (Repealed)
40C-1.1003. Variances from Water Well Construction Requirements
40C-1.1004. Variances from Water Shortage Orders or Water Shortage Emergency Orders
40C-1.1005. Time for Consideration of Emergency Petition for Variances
40C-1.1006. Formal Determination of Wetlands and Other Surface Waters (Repealed)
40C-1.1007. Point of Entry Into Proceedings
40C-1.1008. Timeframe for Providing Requested Information
40C-1.1009. Emergency Authorization for Activities Regulated Under Part IV of Chapter 373, F.S
40C-1.1010. Emergency Well Construction Permits
40C-1.1011. Submitting Notice of Intent for Consumptive Use Permits Under Rule 40C-20.042, F.A.C. (Repealed)
40C-1.1012. Submitting Notice of Intent for Consumptive Use Permits Under Chapter 40C-22, F.A.C. (Repealed)
40C-1.1013. Processing Procedures for Noticed General Permits Under Chapter 40C-400, F.A.C. (Repealed)
40C-1.1101. Amendments to and Releases of Conservation Easements (Repealed)