40C-2.302. Reservation of Water from Use  

Effective on Wednesday, August 17, 1994
  • 1The Governing Board finds that reserving a certain portion of the surface water flow through Prairie Creek and Camps Canal south of Newnans Lake in Alachua County, Florida, is necessary in order to protect the fish and wildlife which utilize the Paynes Prairie State Preserve, in Alachua County, Florida. The Governing Board therefore reserves from use by permit applicants that portion of surface water flow in Prairie Creek and Camps Canal that drains by gravity through an existing multiple culvert structure into Paynes Prairie. This reservation is for an average flow of 35 cubic feet per second (23 million gallons per day) representing approximately forty five percent (45%) of the calculated historic flow of surface water through Prairie Creek and Camps Canal.

    123Rulemaking Authority 125373.044, 126373.113, 127373.171, 128373.216, 129373.219 FS. 131Law Implemented 133373.219, 134373.223 FS. 136History–New 8-17-94.


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